The River Course: the nature of Kiawah.

Flying across the country, renting a car at the airport, then driving down dark lonely roads in the middle of nowhere I was propelled by that sort of nervous energy that comes from venturing into the unknown. At the end of my drive I arrived at my own little, temporary, cabin in the wilds of Kiawah Island. Cabin sounds sort of rustic, though, and this wasn't. The interiors were by Amelia Handegan who also did the River Course Country Club and the purpose of my trip was to soak up the atmosphere and come up with a concept for a mural to line the hallway. I depicted the rough and wild landscape exactly as it appears undisturbed. The palette is dominated by sepia tones and is a perfect foil to the classic architecture by Shope Reno and Wharton and the relaxed elegant interiors of Ms. Handegan.

Materials: acrylic on canvas.

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