Moveable Feast: four paintings for a wedding.

The buggy will meet your ferry on the Island. Tell the driver to take the New Road to the Plum Orchard and get off at the path to the beach. Follow it to the Willow Pond and you can't miss the big tent. Since Cumberland Island on coastal Georgia is nearly stuck in time I imagine something like these direction would actually have gotten you to the tent where my paintings hung. The occasion was a wedding and my imagery captured scenes of this charming remote place where wild turkeys even wild horses roam free. In our technological, urban lives this place is a feast for the eyes. Fortunately it's likely to stay that way. The old Carnegie Mansion ruin (depicted in one of my paintings) will eventually crumble and this golden island and it's national seashore will wait for your visit.

Materials: acrylic on heavy weight muslin.

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