Sushi in Santiago: a signature work of art and a contemporary expression of an honored tradition.

Santiago, Chile. I have no reference for this place but when I was asked to present an idea for a painting in a Japanese restaurant there I realized the abstract imagery I was working with at the time would fit the bill. I presented my idea as a noren, the split piece of hanging fabric used in doorways of traditional Japanese interiors, often dividing the public space from the private. They often have a simple graphic on the them, an image or calligraphy. The images I was working on were like a design found on a noren. My rough sketch was a Photoshop rendering in which I reconfigured my design to fit the proportions of the size called for in the plan. My painting is abstract but it relates to Japanese characters and to the invisible currents in the sea. My work is the largest object in the space and can be seen from every table.

Materials: acrylic on canvas

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