This Is Uruguay: check-in to paradise, my triptych is the first thing you will see.

Cutting small pieces of folded paper with tiny scissors to create unexpected patterns is just what elementary school children do when they make “snow flakes”. Here, I used the same technique, but for me the imagery was partly inspired by motifs found in a number of paintings by the Belgian surrealist, Rene Magritte. The triptych created for the Four Seasons Resort Carmelo in Uruguay, began as a single work that was a direct translation from one of my small paper cut-outs. The original single work on paper was made just prior to a photo-shoot in my studio/living space in San Francisco. That photo shoot became a Casa Vogue spread. When the designers at BAMO commissioned the triptych, the resort was a private development called Madison. The owner/developer of the property was so taken with my work that he used it as a graphic motif throughout the property, on menus, guest slippers, chef hats, and more. Today my triptych is the first thing people see when registering at the Four Seasons Resort as it is directly behind the reception desk.

Materials: graphite, acrylic paint, and acrylic medium on Arches watercolor paper.

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