The Outside Is In: water views, wooded views, and a whole lot of hallway in the South Carolina Low Country.

The Owners are a special couple with rare tastes. The have an historic house in the center of the oldest part of Charleston for which I painted one of my smallest murals in a tiny powder room but for a number years they dreamed of recreating an antebellum house they had seen in a book. Finally they got the chance to do so on Wadmalaw Island, forty minutes outside Charleston. There I painted one of my largest commissions, a mural that lines the cross-axial hallways that are a prominent feature of the architecture. The largest of my panels is nearly forty feet long. The imagery is based on views on their property which is a mixture of water and woods, typical of the South Carolina low country. I used the work of Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (1876 -1958) as my inspiration; she dedicated her life to portraying the people and land around Charleston through her simple yet sophisticated watercolors. The work is definitely landscape but it's more importantly about beautiful painting. Alice had a keen sense of the abstract and was familiar with the Japanese sensibility and approach to composition in picture-making. My work captures the soft ethereal light that is characteristic of this peaceful place.

Materials: acrylic on heavy weight muslin.

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