Revived, Redrawn, Remade: the folding screen, portable art and architecture with traditional Chinoiserie.

After doing a variety of artistic painting jobs for one of my San Francisco clients, she asked me to look at an old folding screen she had in her basement. The piece had holes in it, was dull, and dirty. Could I do something to improve it? Yes. I patched it together, cleaned it up, and brightened it overall with a little infill painting. Then I made a careful study of it for future reference. Later, I received a commission to create a new work for a young couple and I adapted the imagery from this restoration project to make a whole new painted folding screen. The work is what you might call traditional Chinoiserie, which is painting done by Europeans who had never been to China. It's a fanciful genre that is imaginative and lively even if it has little to do with China, it's art, or people.

Materials: acrylic on canvas.

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