Frieze Not Frozen: my mural is a palette of freshly boil crab, raw oysters, and creamy seafood bisque.

This is a project with little forethought. Let me clarify: I painted this with no preparatory sketches but I had assembled a bunch of tasty ingredients so I knew the outcome would be a delicious collage. It's a contemporary seafood restaurant with a casual, lively atmosphere. The frieze I painted reflects not only some of the fish served here but aspects of the good life in and around Charleston. The palette suggests good-eating with the colors of freshly boiled lobster, raw oysters, and creamy seafood bisque. I used nautical charts that depict the coast, rivers, rivulets, and marshland that give the city of Charleston and environs its natural beauty. My painting is integral to the interior architecture as it encircles the restaurant and can be seen from every seat.

Materials: acrylic on heavyweight muslin.

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