When in Vegas: feel like you're in Rome.

This is one project with three distinctly different works, a pair of tapestry style panels, a tall folding screen, and two wood panels cover in gold leaf. And it was an unusual project for me as the art direction was specific, I simply fulfilled the assignment. That said, this is Las Vegas and these 8500 sq. ft. Octavius Villa suites are anything but simple. The tapestry panels were a challenge to design for while I found a number of antique examples there were none that had enough detail for me  directly copy nor did I find anything close to the size and proportion I needed. So I had to design these rather complicated works from scratch. Finding just the right fabric to paint them on was a bit of trial and error until I settled on Italian jute. The Roman figures for the folding screen were fairly straight forward as there are numerous references for such imagery although the height of the panels made them ungainly to handle. And these panels are painted in multiple layers of thinned paint which made the process tedious but gives a rich result.

acrylic on jute, acrylic and powdered pigments on canvas, gold leaf on wood panel

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