Peak Experience: high on the hill in Hong Kong is an octagonal dining room and I painted it.

There was no specific design directive for my Hong Kong dining room project so I took it upon myself to create a problem. The problem was: how to suggest both eastern and western influences. The solution was to take a classical motif from ancient Greece and tweak it. The result is a set of two palmettes joined in a sort of Yin Yang dance. Yin Yang expresses the Taoist belief that two seemingly contrary forces are interdependent in the natural world. This design solution is located in the eight-sided center ceiling panel of the room. How to approach the rest of painted motif fell into place once I had devised this ceiling medallion. Working out from the ceiling's center, into the coffers, then down the walls, there are more Greek motifs, and overall there is a random harmony of floating leaves and glowing rosette designs.

Materials: acrylic on canvas.

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