The House of Liechtenstein: Your Serene Highness, I give you the world.

I grew up with an antique map hanging on the wall and I have always loved maps, so this mural commission was a natural for me. The company, LGT, an investment firm is Family Office of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. My work was commissioned specifically for their San Francisco office but the work indicates their world-reach. The mural has the look of an antique map, including icons like sailing ships and sea serpents, however, it has a very modern aspect in its composition. It is based on the Peter's Projection (1967) rather than the familiar Mercator projection (1569). The significance is that the Mercator map inflates the sizes of land masses the further they are from the equator making Greenland seem larger than the African continent when in fact Africa is actually fourteen times as large. Thus, the Peter's projection restores the poorer, less powerful countries to their rightful proportion. I didn't throw out Mercator entirely, however; I used a typeface based on Mercator's elegant script to list the locations where Liechtenstein Global Trust has their offices.

Materials: acrylic on canvas.

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