Swank Silvery Dream: some yin, some yang, this is quintessential chinoiserie on silver leaf.

The designer knew she wanted a traditional Chinoiserie motif to fill the room with no repeat. On a more subtle level she wanted me to bring a feminine energy to the room. The owner/occupier of the room is male but also the creator of female roles in a daytime soap opera. With that layered order, I designed the entire room in Photoshop and created a three dimensional paper model of the scheme. A palette of dove grays is a foil to the metallic substrate. The interest lies in the lively forms rendered in matte finish paint against the shimmering silver leaf. The room is in an historic Holmby Hills home seen on the cover of Jeffrey Hyland's book The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills published by Rizzoli in 2008, and also published in the January 2011 number of Architectural Digest magazine.

Materials: graphite, gesso, acrylic, acrylic mediums, powdered pigments, diatomaceous earth; on silver leaf applied to silk, backed with paper.

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