Get Out Of Town: two grand, sweeping staircases and my panoramic mural.

If you have a high-powered executive position in Manhattan but choose to live in the suburbs, chances are it's because you want a life apart from the dense concrete canyons. For that reason, I chose to depict a really rural view for my mural project in Scarsdale, New York. The depicted scene is the area of the Hudson at West Point and the painting is done in the manner of the Hudson River Valley School of painters from the 19th-century. I used a drawing of the Hudson River by Pierre L'Enfant (the planner of Washington, D.C.) as the basis of my composition. The foyer of the house is a rotunda so the mural is panoramic. Most of the mural was created on two 25' by 20' pieces of stretched fabric. There's a short anteroom before the main two story foyer and the mural covers this area as well. It a crisp clear autumn day with some trees starting to show color. The effect is bucolic and serene.

Materials: acrylic on heavy weight muslin.

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