Itinerant Art & Architecture: I'm all over this pretend village of real 19th-century houses.

Henderson Village is a collection of 19th-century homes and cottages situated on eighteen bucolic acres in the heart of Central Georgia and located at what was once a thriving stagecoach intersection. I have three separate installations there. One is a mural depicting the surrounding countryside and farmland painted in the manner of 19th-century American folk art. The second installation consists of three silhouette profiles. They are formal portraiture such as was common before the use of the camera but are given a contemporary edge by being painted on a collage ground. The third installation is a group of work chosen from my studio which happened to work with the aesthetics of the interior design and the property. They are contemporary abstract pieces rendered in black charcoal which suggest forged iron, a material associated with farms and country life.

Materials: acrylic on canvas; acrylic and collages on canvas; charcoal and acrylic medium on canvas

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