Rediscovery and Ruin: a scale model of a first-century B.C. Roman bath house rendered in plaster and paint.

Making architectural models is a good way for me to get my idea across for a mural proposal. I typically make a simple but effective paper model for that purpose. Sometime before I developed this paper model technique, I designed and created a rather elaborate architectural plaster model that also included painting. My model depicts a Roman Ruin of a chamber in a bath house of the first century BCE. Much of the imagery, the brick work, frescoes, and mosaic designs are based on the ruins of Pompeii. The model was built to be used as a centerpiece at a fundraising dinner for the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University in Atlanta. At the time there was a lot of interest in recreating imagery from Pompeii in contemporary decorative painting. No doubt Pompeii will continue to be rediscovered by designers, architects and artists.

Materials: plaster of Paris, sheet rock, wood, sand, acrylic paint

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