Oskar für Kinder: sophisticated fun in a Hancock Park playroom.

When I had an art history course in school devoted to the Bauhaus, I was a little turned off by what seemed like dry rigidity to me. But there was a curious bald character who stood out named Schlemmer. Oskar Schlemmer headed the mural painting department at the Bauhaus and that was enough to catch my attention. He's also well known for his theater piece, The Triadic Ballet. I filed his work away in my memory and called upon it with my first commission to create a mural scheme for a children's playroom. His simple forms and bold palette are at once playful and sophisticated. The design of the playroom is a combination of Schlemmer's theater set and costume design. The geometry of the forms in the mural work in strange harmony with the architecture of the room.

Materials: acrylic on heavyweight muslin.

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