Curated Collection: a selection of my paintings and collages in a five-star luxury hotel.

The last gasp of Italian fascism ended in Gagnano. Mussolini lived there in the Villas Feltrinelli in Lake Garda with his wife and children while SS officers from Hitler's personal guard patrolled the grounds.Today the Villa Feltrinelli is a beautiful boutique hotel with scarcely a whiff of its rather ignominious past. My small part in the venture are some works selected from my studio to hang in some of the glorious rooms of the villa. My paintings and collages are a fresh contemporary counterpoint to some of the heavy 19th-century decor. They work with the scheme devised by the designers to breath new life into this big old house on the lake. The Villa Feltrinelli is highly regarded among the best 5 star luxury hotels.

Materials: acrylic on canvas; collage on paper.

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