Scott Waterman, artist and problem solver.

It's Santiago Chile on the phone. The canvas has a wrinkle in it! What should we do? That actually happened to me. I thought the problem I was solving was to create a big painting for the Japanese restaurant, Matsuri, at the Grand Hyatt in Santiago, Chile. I carefully considered the architecture, interior design, and the location and proposed a painting, 14' x 15", an iconic abstract form that hinted at calligraphy, kelp bending in sea currents, and most importantly an image that reads transculturally. Well, stretch it, I told them. They did and my painting for Matsuri hangs prominently above the sushi bar visible from every table in the restaurant. It is the signature work of art.

Scott Waterman

That is what I do. I make art and solve problems. I work with architects, interior designers, art consultants, and creative thinkers who challenge me to do my very best for them. Sometimes works are selected right out of my studio and often I create pieces that are site specific. Typically I work off site and can created an entire room in my studio which I did for a dining room on The Peak in Hong Kong. Other times I will paint on location as I did for an office in Holmby Hills that was covered in silver leaf. I added a fantastical Chinoiserie motif, elegant and monochromic. Their Picasso looks gorgeous on it by the way. It was my first Chinoiserie room and it was published in Architectural Digest. It is a fact that from one commission to the next my work is as different as can be imagined and I rather like it that way. The constant is a commitment to the best idea, executed deftly, on time and on budget.

Go back to 1981 with me and you can see my painting of Ramesses II at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. That along with my restoration painting at the Ponce also in Atlanta are some of my earliest works as a professional artist. I wrote about them and included pictures on my blog, Corbu's Cave. Since those early works in Georgia I have placed my paintings in homes from Paris to San Francisco as well as creating large scale murals for estates in Scarsdale, New York and remote Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. I am currently based in Los Angeles but accept commissions world wide. All interested inquiries, comments, and salutations welcome.